The Poop Test: Reddit User Reveals Ingenious New Method for Housetraining Women

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If she can’t follow one rule, she’s not the right material.


“love, cherish, and OBEY” used to be the marriage vow a bride had to give her groom. The groom was only obliged to vow that he would “love and cherish” his bride.

The old ways are the best ways. If a woman can’t OBEY then into the dumpster she goes.


It’s oath of fealty or bust with these women. Oh, never mind. Good luck holding a woman to her word.


It reminds me of this:

On the other hand, she passed more serious test which could be deal breaker for many, she tolerate his OCD.

If woman seriously likes man, she would tolerate his bullshit, just as mAn would tolerate woman
bullshit because of her attractive look and pussy.


She clearly still wants to be with the guy after this since she was already aware of his ocd and the specific weird shit they do.

Im kind of bummed i never thought to have a bathroom for each honestly, sounds like a good idea.


In Christian theology, eve ate from the apple first. Women keep pushing until they meet boundaries.

If she pushes on things you told her were completely unacceptable, she will never be able to respect boundaries you set later on. The same is largely true of children.


Imagine goyfeed fucking up your digestive system so badly that making it to a hallway bathroom instead of the one right beside the bed becomes inconceivable


It wouldn’t even occur to me to move my bowels in a man’s apartment.

What a pig.


Living together unmarried, no children mentioned. They are probably in their 30’s. I hope they are Jews.

Has anyone ever posted in the “Am I the Asshole” community that wasn’t the asshole, or at least an asshole? The guy whining about rice in his cabbage casserole is an asshole. Not for being miffed that his wife sabotaged his diet, but for whining like a bitch about it on the internet. FUCK!!! WHAT A FAGGOT!!!


My method is a bit different. I usually rent two-bathroom apartments. Mine’s the one in the master bedroom and the girl has use of the other one, which guests share. She has to clean both.


Such racist cunt implying shitty mexican food gives you diarrhoea.


The other night I had came over after eating burritos


Now it’s “live laugh love”, 3 words that sum up modern, carefree and careless women.
It’s already a warning sign if you see that on her wall somewhere.


This really was the “original sin”.

This is how Satan works. A man will either sin or not sin, and be done with it. A woman, however, needs ratification for her sins. So when Eve was confronted by the serpent, instead of simply accepting or rejecting the invitation to sin, she manipulated Adam to sin with her because she craved his ratification of her sin.

The important point here is not that women are more prone to sin than men–they aren’t. What they are is, a “force multiplier” for sin, which the serpent understood.

This is why women must remain under the direct supervision of men for their entire lives.


ok this has been bugging me for a while

i assume weev writes these articles right? why doesn’t he sign them?

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I always assumed that if the article was unsigned, it was a staff effort.

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lol yes, you definitely put your finger on what’s so funny about AITA. If you have to ask if you’re an asshole, guess what-- you are. And given that assholes hang out with assholes, that means the other person in the story probably is too.


Well if the guy has not one but two loos in the apartment we can at least assume she’s not fucking Pajeet.

This is absolutely autistic though.

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Probably because no one on the staff wants to be outed publicly as the resident redditor here.

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Yah they are assholes,
but the real question is
are they weapons grade assholes.

Being an asshole is one thing, even good at times(brutial truth),
but weapons grade assholes do it for profit or just to fuck with you.